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Get interest on your corporate treasury

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Total value committed: $160m
8%Annual interest generated through stablecoins

Receive monthly instalments for
consistent cash flow

Commit funds and receive instalments without fiat
on-ramp/off-ramp, gas fees or other overheads

Keep your assets safe

Exchange-level security: we are an exchange, have never lost client funds and operate with industry-leading practices

Join some of the world's top startups and
funds with our treasury service

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Frequently asked questions

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What is Globe Treasury?
We offer 8% annual yield on your USD.
Where does the yield come from?
We use overcollateralized DeFi borrowing and lending platforms that pay out a yield. In addition to the standard interest rates, these platforms often provide an additional yield in the form of tokens which we accumulate and may sell from time to time.
How long do deposits typically take to show up?
As soon as your wire is received, your deposit will show up.
What are the risks?

The yields that we pass on to you all involve the use of stablecoins, which are cryptocurrencies which are pegged to the US dollar. There is a risk that instead of trading at this price, it trades at a trading at a substantially different price. We mitigate this by diversifying our stablecoin exposure and working only with the safest and most trustworthy stablecoins.

These stablecoins will be locked up in smart contracts, which are transactional protocols that ensure that funds can only be withdrawn as they are intended. There is a risk that these protocols contain bugs that might result in unintended behaviour. We mitigate this by auditing protocols, and by using a diversified range of protocols to limit losses.

In addition, Globe Treasury will back any customer funds with our own liquid assets.